With the advancement of technology and increasing usage of the internet, people are now taking part in playing online video games more than ever. There are various gaming applications and websites that have transformed conventional games and made them more engaging as well as entertaining. Thus came to existence many gaming apps and websites, like GetMega and RummyGo. However, people often face difficulty in deciding what is better, a gaming app or website? 

A gaming website is a website that encompasses a gaming server, a forum, blogs and an online store. Websites play an important role to provide a realistic gaming experience to the users. On the other hand, gaming apps are mobile applications that a person can play on his/her mobile device. Mobile apps provide greater personalisation and operational efficiency. There are many gaming companies that have both their website and app versions available on the internet. 

Of many online gaming platforms, let’s take RummyGo and GetMega into consideration. Here we are going to compare and analyse the benefits of the gaming apps and websites offered by these two platforms. 


RummyGo is an online gaming platform that is available in the form of both website and application. As the name suggests, the website offers different Rummy games to the users. A few of them are Pools Rummy, Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Raise Rummy. RummyGo website presents a realistic and honest gaming experience by setting the attributes in a logical order. Further, the RummyGo website also offers an intriguing leaderboard that keeps track of a gamer’s performances. With the online gaming website, you can learn your skills and potential. 

On the other hand, the RummyGo app helps gamers to know the methods to participate in the different Rummy games. The easy-to-use interface of the RummyGo application makes the gameplay seamless and real. Known for its rewarding programs, the RummyGo app ensures enrolling real players. Only after issuing a valid ID, can a person register to play the different games. However, this app has no audio or video features. 


GetMega is an online gaming platform that also has an app version. Compared to other online gaming websites, GetMega presents a 24×7 leaderboard for its wide range of games that include Poker, Carrom, GoPool, etc. The elements of this website are optimally displayed which makes it easier for you to completely focus on the game. Furthermore, the leaderboard of the GetMega website is both task and winning based. That means a player can get a higher rank on the scoreboard by both winning or simply playing. 

Adapted for maximum fun quotient, the GetMega app features vertical and horizontal gameplay. Here you can find games based on three main categories, Cards, Casual and Trivia.GetMega app also has a clean and user-friendly user interface that makes it easy for gamers to interact and earn. The horizontal and vertical gameplay of this app increases the gaming experience of the users. This app also benefits users to get exciting prizes if they top the leaderboard by playing or winning. Further, GetMega is the only gaming application that supports audio/video features that enhances the interaction between gamers. On a different note, this app supports shuffle mechanics and a Random Number Generator that ensures the safest gameplay of the highest standards. As a member of the All India Gaming Federation, the GetMega app allows only 100% verified profiles. 

Be it a Gaming app or a website, it can be considered beneficial if it offers a fantastic gaming experience to the users. The two online gaming platforms surely meet the criteria of providing a good gaming experience. You can opt for any of the gaming apps or websites offered by RummyGo and GetMega for a smooth gaming experience.

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