While indulging in sport betting online Malaysia, you will come across various bet types. Formulating a wagering strategy can as such, prove to be a daunting experience especially for the novice bettor. With the diverse markets available, it is advisable to begin by wagering on the straightforward wager types and advance as you learn more on sport betting online Malaysia. Below is a look at four simple sports wager types.

Win Bet

A win bet is one of the most popular and straightforward wager types that any punter can bet on without the need for more information. Its popularity is partially due to being considered as the traditional way to bet on any sport. It involves wagering on the winning team of the match or event. For example, in a soccer match between La Liga giants Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, you can place a wager on Barcelona to win, a draw, or Real Madrid to win. It is that simple! A win bet is available on virtually any sport available, making it one of the most popular picks by most bettors.


In this selection, the sport betting online Malaysia bookmaker sets a line for the total goals, runs, or points to be scored in a match. They then assign odds following the most likely outcomes, with some showing similar or close gap where the likelihood of over or under is seen as a 50/50 chance. As a punter, you can select to back the total to be below (under) or above the set line (over). Using soccer, for example, a game between Malaysia and Australia can be assigned over 2.5 goals with an odd of 2.01 or under 2.5 goals with an odd of 1.95.

Special bets

Special bets, also known as proposition bets, are just as the name suggests. Special bets are specially designed to add more fun to the game and don’t necessarily affect the outcome of the sport. Examples of special bets include the first team to score, player to score the first goal, penalty awarded, time of the first corner/goal/touchdown among others. The picks can be quite tricky but the wager is easy to understand, and if you are passionate about a particular sport, it is an excellent way to improve your betting thrills.


Outrights also referred to as futures, involves predicting the outright winner of a competition, tournament or league before it advances. An example of an outright bet is backing a team to win the Malaysia Super League before the season begins.

As you venture into sport betting online Malaysia, it is advisable to understand some of the wager types and begin with those you have an idea about. The best part is that, with an online bookmaker such as bodog88, it is easy to find a particular wager type and enjoy a wide range of selection to furnish your sport betting needs.

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