After you get the Judi Poker Terpercaya, the next biggest element that is involved in the pre-flop pay is hand selection. It doesn’t really matter the strategy you have and how perfect it is, as nothing will tend to matter if you don’t happen to know the hands to play on which spots. The selection of hands tends to be one of the most diverse while at the same time, the easiest strategy to understand in poker.

The reason it is like so is because of the general handsets which will end up making the most sense when playing, but there is a variety of scenario where the same hands might lose a lot of significant amount of their value. In it lies your opportunity of making proper plays and exposing opponents who don’t know when to step out of the way. The pre-flop play is a science that is largely solved but when it comes to hand selection, then it is not as easy as it might seem.

There are various elements when it comes to the equation of having to select a hand well:


When you act the last in a hand, that is one great opportunity that you will have that will give  you more advantage.

Who you are facing

Are you in any way facing a passive weak player or an aggressive player that is lose, looking out to donate their stack? Then there will be a need for you to adjust on the hands which tend to be worth playing based on who you happen to play against.

Sizes of stacks

A player that is short stacked will tend to demand you play a variety of positions than when you play in head up pot where the stack sizes happen to be 200 and above deep big blinds. Your image at the table will also tend to play into the type of hands you cannot or can get away with playing in a profitable manner.

If it happens that everyone feels you are playing hands which are quite strong, you will have to take advantage of such an image by having to play pot with connectors which are suitable and other hands which are similar.

If by any chance you have opponents who feel that you are a loose caller who is super, then you will need to tighten up to the best of your interest. With everything considered, the hand selection tends to be a dynamic and diverse topic than what most people tend to give credit for.


When talking about poker strategy, then position has to be talked about and that is with good reason. When working on hand selection, position has to always be the factor that is most important when deciding the hands that will become more profitable for your type of play.

A hand such as AT, if you happen to be an early position in a ring game that is full, it might be a fold that is open. In case you shift your position to the button and there is only one limp which is ahead, with no raises, AT might be a hand which is worthy to raise.

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