When you check anyone’s phone, including yours, you will realize one thing. Almost all applications that you use on a daily are downloaded through online stores. And the rest comes pre-installed on your phone. Of the apps that people download on a regular, the majority of them are games. But have you ever asked yourself why? Why are they the number one downloads? Well, in this piece, we shall look into the top five reasons why, so read on.

  1. They are convenient

The number one reason such game apps are popular is the convenience they provide their clients. You can easily access one by merely doing a standard search on the online stores. Most times, you will not even have to input the name, but it will present itself to you when you scroll through the game stores.

  1. They are affordable

Most of these game apps are free, and if they are paid for, they are very cheap. So much so, anyone with an account with the store can purchase a game in the touch of a button. Some of the free games have an option to upgrade to a paid section, which introduces you to a whole new segment of the game. But it is still possible to play without paying.

  1. Their sizes are compatible with most devices

If you are to look through the stores, you will realize that the most popular game apps sizes are just a few MBs big. And this means the space on most of the devices can accommodate a game or two and still have space to spare. Sometimes you will not even have to download the contest as you can use them in realtime in the desktop mode. A perfect example is a site like https://bestpokies.net/best-online-pokies-australia/ that you can access on your phone or computer.

  1. They are available in various varieties

The categories these game apps are available in is quite impressive. You can get adventure games, puzzles, mathematical as well as scientific games. This vastness in categorization makes these games an attraction to almost anyone holding a cellphone. The idea behind each game is to entertain and teach. And so, the market for these game apps will never end but will keep on expanding as time moves on.

  1. They have lucrative rewards

If playing a game on an app earns you the satisfaction of lifting your moods by rewarding you, then why not? It is indeed true that some days can be way overbearing and become more stressful than most. And a small win, even in a game, can change your mood for the better. Having the pleasure of moving a level higher and earning credits as you proceed makes the app even more appealing.


From the above five reasons, you can now clearly see that game apps were not an overnight sensation but a rather calculated success route. Each of these reasons is improved on a daily, which in turn makes the game apps even more popular.

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