Gambling is risky at times as you cannot be assured of winnings. However, if you are having your casino account with an unreliable entity, you are at a greater risk. For instance, you cannot withdraw your money from an unreliable casino website even if you win your casino games. The gambling industry is running because of the cash flow between customers and casino management. Since it is a pool of cash, the opportunities for fake people to loot the customers’ money are also high. Some fake casino sites are using these opportunities to get money from their customers’ deposits and run away. However, you can avoid such fake people and end up with a reliable gambling entity like 789bet with some effort and knowledge. There will be certain elements that could lead you to such a reliable casino website. In this article, we are about to discuss these six elements of the reliability of a casino website in brief.


If 75% of customers or more talk great about a company, it will be reliable. The general customers’ opinion about the company’s services is vital to judging its reliability. It is what is known as the reputation of the company. So, you should use your mobile or computer to go through various online resources that talk about casino websites. So many professional reviewers would have posted about the various services offered and their reliability levels for each casino website. Apart from reviews, you can see people sharing their experiences with these websites on platforms like forums. You can get an idea about the casino with these suggestions.

License and legality

Although gambling activities are banned in certain countries, there are several authorities and a centralized system to monitor these activities wherever they are happening. So, a casino should register itself with these authorities and showcase their services to get a license for their legal operation. If you can see such a license on the casino website, you can confirm the reliability of the entity.

Site security

Let us assume that you have selected an online gambling site. So, the next step will be registration and provision of private information like your bank details. If the site is not secured, your info will not be safe with the hands of the casino. Instead, some hackers could read your info and misuse them. To avoid this, you should ensure that the casino website has an SSL certificate (https).

Customer support

The next element of reliability in an online casino is its customer support. A company will never contact you or respond to you if they are about to cheat you. If you are getting proper responses with the right solutions for all your queries using the customer service system, you can rely on the casino to a decent extent.

Withdrawal methods

If you can withdraw your money without any issues all the time, the site will be reliable.


Similar to reviews, you can find the past customers’ suggestions through the testimonials. The website will have a separate page or section for the testimonials.

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