Considering hockey as a sports game, it can be attributed to the three most popular and spectacular in the world. It is the exciting moments that make this sport so attractive to many viewers. The high speed of the game, the removal of players, fights, incredible events, and other factors affect the outcome of the match. Therefore, to achieve positive results in betting on hockey, it is necessary to take into account these features and basic information on this topic.

Placing a bet on hockey

One of the most important things in betting is the selection and analysis of matches, the selection of forecasts, and the actual conclusion of a bet with a bookmaker on the outcome you choose. It is very difficult to know hockey rules on your own, just like in any other sport. If you have such skills and successfully implement them, continue in the same spirit. Knowledge of the specifics of conducting hockey games allows you to get good earnings, for example, win 100 dollars and more. But most beginners and even old-timers in betting, usually do not know the features, which is why they can not reach a stable profit. Hockey forecasts are provided free of charge by many professional analysts and other experts. This is not a call to action, but to constantly ignore such information is simply stupid.

Live betting in hockey

Live bets on hockey today are the most passable, as evidenced by practice. This is mainly since during the live stream, you can assess the chances of the teams more adequately. A few minutes of watching the game is usually enough to make the right decision. Live bet is made directly when the match is going on; these are bets on the course of the game, in real-time. All live bets have a negative feature: events in the game are changing rapidly, so the acceptance of bets is often suspended. Some bookmakers, for example, may not accept bets if one of the teams is in the majority. Legal bookmakers have not been seen doing this.

The probability of passing such bets increases if you analyzed before the game started. Naturally, you need to see what is happening at the rink and how the match develops, so as not to make a mistake even in live.

What is important to know?

Before placing a bet on a hockey match, you should pay attention to such details that are often overlooked, especially by beginners: an important nuance is a game at home. Statistics show that playing in front of their fans, the team often manages to defeat approximately the same opponent in terms of level; analysis of the latest results, a competent assessment of the game form. It is enough to study the last 5 matches – this is enough to give you an opinion about the upcoming event; analyze the history of face-to-face confrontations between the two opponents; don’t dismiss the motivation of the clubs. For example, the average player has solved all his tasks by the end of the season, so he can easily lose to an outsider who is fighting to keep his registration in the division; study the starting lineups. Injuries and disqualifications of the main performers can significantly affect the final score.

Are there any win-win bets on hockey?

A win-win strategy for hockey, like any other sport, is impossible. There are no win-win bets, otherwise, the bookmakers have long been ruined, because everyone could earn. There are bets with a high probability of winning, but no strategy excludes the possibility of losing. Competent play and careful analysis only reduce this to a minimum, so that even with lost bets, you will be in the black at a distance. If you are lured by such slogans, do not believe it-they are scammers. All sorts of “match-fixing” are just fiction to cash in on your credulity. If such a duel is organized, then you will not know about it for sure, and if the information leaks to the Internet, most likely, the office will make a refund of the bet, if it turns out to be correct.

NHL betting types

There are several main lines on which most betters place their bets:

  • Money line – the outcome of the match. In hockey, a money line bet is considered a classic. To decide with a bet, it is enough to follow the statistics. A money line bet is probably the simplest way to wager on sports because bettors just choose a player or team to win the game. In NHL betting money line is the most popular type of bet;
  • Total – number of goals scored. The possible amount is offered by the bookmaker’s office. The bettor starts from this figure and, based on his analysis, offers a larger or smaller one. Conventionally, the limit of the total is 5.5 goals;
  • Point Spread is a type of bet that takes into account the difference in the number of goals scored. Every foreign bookmaker accepts bets on the point spread. This type of bet implies a difference in class between the opponents. The term is also known by the definitions of handicap or puck line. Such bets are made based on the estimated difference in the number of goals and the final score of the match. NHL puck line betting is a point spreads where the odds are typical +/- 1.5. It works as an advantage for the game’s underdog by leveling the playing field between both NHL hockey teams. If the teams are roughly equal, it’s not worth the risk. If the statistics of the last 10-15 meetings are clearly in favor of the favorite, and most of the victories were won by a margin of two goals, you can use puck line wagering. This increases the odd;

The Canadian Puck Line is a combination of the point spread and the money line (there is not only a point spread between the two teams but also a different price to lay, determined by the money line).

Let’s analyze an example from NHL betting. There are two teams of the National Hockey League– the San Jose Sharks and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Sharks play on their ice, the Penguins lost the previous game on their court. The game is very important for both teams, as the Stanley Cup Final is coming. However, the Sharks have already lost on their ice, and with a difference of two goals scored. And the Penguins have an experienced coach, Mike Sullivan, who could conclude previous mistakes when the team missed several identical goals. Bookmakers were offering odds of 1.5 on a Pittsburgh win. They managed to win the game with a score of 3: 1. The Sharks are the underdog – as denoted by the plus sign (+). The only goal the Sharks scored in the second period. Let’s say you place a $100 bet on the Pittsburgh, so you win $150.

  • Double outcome. A bet with insurance – for a win or a draw, or against a draw. In betting, such bets look like 1X (win or draw for the first team), 2X (win or draw for the second team), 12 (against a draw);
  • Victory with shootouts. Another bet with insurance is the victory of the team, taking into account the shootouts. In different offices such rates are denoted in different ways;
  • Asian Handicap – almost the same as betting on odds, but with halves and quarters. This is the most difficult type of betting to calculate – Asian forms are mainly used by experienced players. This is a bet on 2 outcomes at once, and the amount is divided into 2 equal halves. Thus, you win (or lose) either half of the amount or the whole amount.

The forecast for a hockey match is similar to a football match. There are also significant differences, but the main thing in NHL betting is to monitor the team, individual players, and the coaching staff.

Features of NHL betting

It is important to remember that teams from this hockey league are often traveling, so their game depends entirely on where it happens. It is clear that the team wins more often at home, so it is advisable to bet on it if it did not go to play games in other cities. Similarly, bets are placed against clubs that have been away for a long time. The NHL is popular with experienced players, but beginners should avoid this league because it is initially difficult to understand the features of the championship. If you decide to try betting on this league, it will be useful to know some patterns of NHL matches: at the end of a long series of matches on the road (more than 3-4), the team often loses the first game at home; at the end of the all-star game, the guests most often win in the next tournament; the team that plays 2 days in a row is physically exhausted (in the NHL, a team can play three games in 4 days), so the results of these games can differ significantly.

Summing up, we would like to highlight that knowing the features of NHL betting helps to increase your chances to win -100%. Explore more about hockey bets, enjoy online betting and read up on the latest safety information with the best online betting sites.

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