To start with, it is essential to explain a bit about the casino regulations in terms of onsite and online casinos in Canada. Land-based casinos are allowed and operate legally on the whole territory of Canada — in all ten provinces. Thus, you will not experience any problem trying to find casinos Canada has to offer in the offline mode. However, when it comes to online casinos in Canada, there are some peculiar things you need to know about them.

Are Canadian players allowed to use an online casino?

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, the main official organization that controls the gambling industry used to prohibit online casinos in Canada for a long time. Players were forced to find other places for placing stakes and spinning slots on the Internet, and this search obviously resulted in using illegal betting sites and casino services that were not holding any permission. This led, of course, to fraudulent actions towards the players from the casino side, and, in addition, was a threat to the income of the onsite casino business of the country. In this connection, the British Columbia local regulation committee came up with the decision to officially legalize online casinos and there was established the first online casino. Then the other two provinces followed their example, and today Quebec and Manitoba also have online casino sites that are legal for Canadians. However, the rest of the provinces were not so ready to raise their Internet casino ban entirely, and now the majority of the Canadian territory allows only lotteries to be played in the online mode.

Such restrictions, however, do not prevent Canadian players from visiting the offshore online casino platforms — no prohibition is laid on this option unless the online casino is illegal and does not hold a license of any Gambling Committee, for instance, Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. The problem may arise when players decide to withdraw their income and transfer their money from casino sites to credit cards as banks of Canada also control the online gambling industry and not all of them allow the clients to use their credit and debit cards to receive real money from gambling sites.

The peculiarities of the banking system in Canada. Can I use my bank account to play?

Before you find the best casino on the Internet, get acquainted with the banking terms that are applied to all gambling sites. According to different sources, payments made to Canadian casinos online are not so easy in most banks and the whole system can not be named the best in terms of convenience. Even if the bank does not mind players making transactions using their products, there might be some obstacles the players may face; it is important to read the terms and conditions of online gambling payment methods of each bank before trying to make any deposits and withdrawals for casino games online. Below are some examples of how the banks in Canada deal with online casinos.

Bank of Montreal

This bank allows making payments for the online casinos and this works the same way as if you made a cash deposit. This is the most popular bank used for playing casinos in Canada as there are no restrictions unless your actions are valued as fraudulent and the payments are transferred rapidly which is the best perk for players.

The Royal Bank

According to the regulations of RBC, they reserve the right to cancel any transaction aimed at online casino gambling if you make a direct transaction from a credit or debit card. If the RBC bank account is connected with an e-wallet, and the payment is made to the casino account via the e-money account, the bank will accept the transfer. Another option is the prepaid card issued specially for the casino sites.

Toronto Dominion Bank

This bank actually has the same regulations as the previous one — your account can be blocked if you do not meet the wagering requirements and use direct payments from plastic cards; TDB goes fine with electronic wallets or the payment systems like iDebit so it is usually chosen by Canadian players.


This bank is not significantly different from the others: they may cancel the transfer and block the account unless you use the prepaid card of the gambling company. The important note is that the online casino must be regulated by the Canadian official regulation organizations.

What is the top Canadian online casino?

When casino players are searching for the top online casino websites, they usually consider two main parameters: the reliability and no sign of fraudulent actions from the side of sports betting and casino website and the range of offers, including sports betting lines in the sportsbook, wide range of slot machines in the online casino sections; this may also include the welcome bonus offer for the new players, and deposit and withdrawal options, convenient for Canadian players if we are talking about the online gambling in Canada.

So how to find the best online casino in Canada where you can safely deposit your real money, enjoy the game and take free spins? Below are the best Canadian casinos for gambling online in a convenient and legal way.

The ratings include the best Canadian casinos according to the users’ experience; they are all approved by the commissions and governmental structures that are responsible for controlling casino games. Some of the best online casinos hold the license of the other countries, for instance, the Curacao online gaming license; however, they are still included in the rating due to the usability and convenience of the experience for Canadian players of the casino.

Casola Casino

This is a new sports betting and casino site allowed in Canada; being a fresh product, it offers much to the Canadian players in terms of modern perks. It is often listed within the best online casinos. Here you can find tons of slot machines, powered by the leading software providers. The first deposit will bring the users 200 free spins, and the welcome bonus of 50 percent up to 400 USD.

There are options that will definitely lure loyal clients and regular casino players, as the option of the VIP account gives more opportunities in terms of customer service (personal manager), personal wagering requirements and withdrawal plans, birthday gifts, and additional casino bonuses.

The mobile casino shows brilliant performance, so all live games can be played on-the-go from any mobile device connected to the Internet.

Casino Chan

This is another website that allows a generous welcome bonus of $C 1 500 and free spins; besides, they feature a bonus wheel. It was established in 1998, and this long-way experience makes it a trusted company. The casino site has a simple and nice design, perfectly adapted for mobile phones and tablets.

Party Casino

This one is rated as one of the best Canadian online casinos in terms of game selection. It is hard to imagine a player who will not find something at their taste at the Party casino: the multifariousness of titles for video slots, table games, live dealer games is just tremendous.

In addition, Party Casino offers a great advantage over their casino rivals and this is their customer support, which features 24/7 rapid service in English and other languages.

The welcome bonuses include free spins and a first casino deposit bonus of $1 000. To receive a welcome bonus, you have to make your first deposit no less than 25 CAD.

The casino is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission and works perfectly legal in Canada and other countries covered by the license.

Richreels Casino

The Richreels is also ranked very high in ratings of the best casinos in Canada available online; they are included in the list of accepted casinos of the Kahnawake Gambling Commission. They also offer a bonus of C$ 1 500 as a welcome bonus, other deposit bonuses include free spins, birthday gifts, and multiple online slots with mobile casinos that make the play on the go available.

In this website, you can try to play with the real money online games as well as have some practice with free spins and demo slots. Unlike the other casino sites in Canada, this one offers a bit wider range of choice in terms of payments: they accept more eWallets and payment systems available in Canada. You can also visit their live casino division.

Online Jackpot Casino

This great source of online slots, jackpot games, and poker rooms with a live dealer is usually rated as the best casino available in Canada. It is authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority and approved by Canadian gambling regulations so it is one of the top-rated legal sites in Canada. Players give Jackpot Casino high ratings because of the great diversity of the popular titles in terms of the online slots; in general, they have more than 400 available options, and the new players are lured with the casino welcome bonuses. Free spins are given away regularly so loyal customers can also receive some extra fun using the promotional offers. Another feature is the 24/7 customer support — it means, that players in Canada can contact the casino support immediately and do not experience delays because of the time zones.

Can you really win money on online casinos?

As management rules of the Canadian online casinos are quite severe, and the leaders of the industry work under the permission of other countries, people who want to examine their luck in the online casino in Canada usually ask if it is possible to earn real money in such place at all. As the whole industry has been something illegal and thus undiscovered for a long time, it is not extraordinary that many gamblers do not trust even the best casinos and no welcome bonus or evidence of safety can prevent them from believing that such a long ban would not be held without a reason.

Tips for playing the casino wisely

Be responsible

So, can you win real money in an online casino? The answer is yes, you can — but nobody, even the best online casino guarantees you that you will become wealthy in one night as well nobody guarantees that you will not lose all your funds overnight. This is why controlling authorities and each online casino website individually always warn people about so-called responsible gaming which includes the rules of self-control, tips on how to use real money you invest reasonably, reminders of the need to read the terms of the welcome bonus use of the casino carefully, and contacts of the helping organizations where you can go if you feel there is a gambling problem you or your close people start to suffer from.

Choose the right casino title

So what should you do to win? First of all, choose the games you are the best at. It sounds quite obvious, but enthusiastic players of the casino usually tend to fly into a passion and become determined to finally win the game they keep losing. If you act this way, your chances to win at a casino are very low. If your aim is to earn at least a little, focus on the games you feel confident for; try the different versions of these games if you need it for a change. Almost every casino offers the same title in several editions; for instance, if you are keen on Hold’Em Poker, try to play Seven Card Stud instead.

Don’t be too importune

Remember, that if you stick in a certain slot, you will most likely lose more than win; so if your aim is not only having fun but also make some good withdrawal, stop playing after your first big winning in slots. Otherwise, you will give more to a casino, than you will manage to win.

Determine how much you can spend

The best tip to the players who want to save funds and turn their input into an income is to decide beforehand which amount they can afford to spend on gaming, say, per month. Some casino experts recommend it to be no more than 10 percent of the regular income and give the advice to keep this money on a separate card; this would be easy for Canadian gamblers, as most banks accept casino prepaid cards more willingly than the standard Visa/MasterCard ones. Under no circumstances you should go beyond this limit; if you follow this rule, your experience will not turn into complete disappointment.

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