Did you know that live poker is much easier compared to online poker? If so, do you know why? I know there are people who will dispute this statement, but hear me out first. There are many reasons why online games usually end up being a lot harder when compared to their live counterparts. Here, I will look at six of these reasons.

Online players value their money more

The first reason why judi poker online usually seems harder than its live counterpart is because online players find their money to be more valuable. Most of the people that play live poker are usually young guys who are just getting started with playing the game. They usually struggle with putting together a sum of say 300 or 500 dollars, which is usually the minimum entry amount in most live poker games. It is impossible for such players to muster a full live bankroll. A proper bankroll for 1/2 dollar live No Limit game is usually $4000. Such an amount is very hard to come by for these young players. On the other hand, these young players have an easier time coming up with $500, for more than 20 buy-ins for NL25 online. With a $100 bankroll, you can comfortably hop on the NL5 train and enjoy yourself multiple games. As such online games value their money more than live poker players because they don’t have a lot of money.

Live Players never take advantage of Online Resources

Online players are usually much more informed and aware of all the internet resources that are available to them. These players are usually younger in age and grew up using Wikipedia as opposed to an Encyclopedia. On the contrary, live poker players are usually an older lot who have less technological skills. They are therefore not aware of the amazing resources that are available to them. Even the ones that know that there are tools and software that can make their work easier often choose not to use them. They neglect these useful tools and software because they don’t they can be of any help. Some simply lack the drive to use them.

With that in mind, when you log into your account and play an online game, you are going against some of the best minds in the world of poker. This ends up making the game a lot harder than live games.

Best poker players are attracted to the online poker lifestyle

The convenience offered by online games often attracts some of the best minds in the poker-playing world. The fact that you can get home from work and settle in your couch to play poker after refreshing is attractive to so many people. The game is structured in a manner that is fundamentally sound. People that game online have a lot more knowledge about poker theory than live players. Thus, people that are attracted to poker online terbaik are some of the most informed individuals.

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