Recently, it has been recognized that both gambling and gambling activities share similar structural and aesthetic characteristics, particularly with the advent of online gambling and gambling. Articles dating back decades have highlighted these similarities. Technological advancements have made it possible to share digital media content across multiple devices and networks in what is sometimes called digital convergence. There have been concerns that the structural lines of gambling have been blurred in some cases. King and his colleagues have argued that the overlap between gambling and gambling is indistinguishable, so that “hybrid gambling activities have acquired characteristics of gambling and vice versa.”

Online ดาฟาเบท casino gambling can be considered similar activities related to traditional gambling. However, the opposite occurs in online games. Some game activities include game functions and vice versa. More specifically, gaming generally means being able to play interactive video games or computer games. These games can be a form of entertainment or be based on strategies and skills. Gambling, on the other hand, refers to real money betting on events that have no particular outcome. It typically includes an element of risk or opportunity, money wagered, and the chance to win a prize. This sometimes blurs the perceived limits from the consumer’s point of view. Let’s look at four points of convergence between online games and online gambling.

  • Loot Boxes 

You can learn more here if you want to find out what loot boxes are in games. Online players buy real money keys to open loot boxes, chests, crates, crates, or packages, where they are given a random selection of virtual items. Some examples are the basic customization options for customizing a player’s online avatar or game resources to help players progress effectively while playing. The loot was first introduced in June 2004 in the Japanese version of MapleStory, a side-scrolling MMORPG. Since then, the concept of loot boxes has spread like wildfire in online games.

  • Electronic sports (eSports) 

Another area of ​​convergence in online games and online gambling is eSports. The esports category is a relatively new and fast-growing phenomenon in the field of online entertainment. Today, video games are one of the most popular recreational activities for adults, teens, and children alike. Competitive online gaming communities are very popular, and the stakes on the results of tournaments and competitions are also increasing. Additionally, esports has gained a massive following due to the rise of online streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

  • Social casino games 

With online gaming traffic in the US increased by 75% during the coronavirus outbreak, the popularity of social casino games increased (such as ดาฟาเบท Casino, demo games that allow people to bet using virtual currency). These games simulate real gambling features without involving actual monetary transactions. Versions of these games are also available on handheld devices and personal computers.


There are advertisements for regular casinos that can attract teenagers or children who do not have access to money to play at regular online casinos. When they are of legal age or have access to real money, they may be very interested in participating in real online gambling activities.

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