If you asked any seasoned bandarq online poker player out there what makes a good website in as far as user experience is concerned, they will definitely start with the software before they name anything else and they will be right for a number of reasons. Websites run on software, and when talking about poker sites, the software should not only have good video and audio feedback, but also excellent interface that renders action perfectly to keep players hooked. The software should show in perfect quality the move each player makes ad the various intricacies of the game.

Most review websites rate poker sites based on their software. A good site is one that uses high-quality graphics to represents chips, tables, player avatars, and dealers among other aspects of online poker games. In this article, I will be looking at some of the most important factors you should consider when you are choosing poker software.


Like I have stated above, graphics make all the difference when it comes to online poker games. People players play the game for recreational purposes or professionally with the aim of making money. Regardless of the purpose one plays poker, no one likes poor graphics that leave their eyes strained and itching because that is what sites with poor graphics do. You should settle for a site that has smooth graphics that won’t cause headaches or eye strain. The background should be pleasant, but the site should have a good focus on cards, calculations, tables, and poker chips.

A good site is also one that takes the individual preferences of player into account. For instance, there are players who like many colors, while others prefer minimum colors. Thus, the software should give a good combination of good user features and the ability to remain fun to use.


Modern poker software/sites come with a huge selection of features that make it very convenient and comfortable for users. Sites/software incorporates new features every day while old features are being improved. The improvement in features is usually meant to remain competitive in the market. The site you pick to play at should field software that evolves with changes in the poker sector. Some of the features you need to look for include player features, currencies, languages, new games, and calculations among others. In terms of currencies, the latest trending currency is bitcoin and there are people who believe that it is the next big thing. As such, picking a site that deals in bitcoin may not be such a bad idea.


Reputation is everything when it comes to poker and gambling in general. You need to be sure that the site you are playing at has a good reputation in terms of honesty and trustworthy. Players have lost a lot of money to unscrupulous operators of poker sites and it would be a real shame if you became a victims. As such, it would serve you well to avoid most of these sites you see mushrooming around every day because chances are that they will be goner before the end of the quarter. Just stick with the sites you’ve been seeing around for a long time.

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