Bitcoin is a digital form of cash created by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is quite unclear if Satoshi is an individual or a group of individuals. New units of the coin are created by the computational solution of mathematical challenges. The coin’s operation is independent of a central bank. Casinos that make use of bitcoin as payment mode are known as bitcoin casinos.

Casino games are games played within the premises a casino.


There are three main divisions of casino games.

  • Gaming machine games such as video poker, slot machine and pachinko.
  • Random number games such as bingo and keno.
  • Table games such as baccarat, blackjack, big six wheel, poker, craps and sic bo.

Online play

This is the introduction of casino games to the virtual world. The games are operated with the use of random generators to create random streams of numbers used in the game. There are times when these random generators are not used though. A live moderator is used to relay the results of life actions to the players.

The online games are cheaper to play since they do not include a large cost of maintenance. A variety of games could also be offered by them. This is because they have a relatively unlimited amount of space.

The transactional process is super fast and easy because it’s automated. Everything can be done under a couple of clicks.


The origin of this game is not quite definite as there are so many speculations in regards to its roots. Some do strongly believe that it was brought to france from Italy by soldiers from the Franco-Italian war.

This is a card comparing game. Two hands are compared in this game, the player and the banker. It has three variants which have distinct mode of play.

  • Punto banco or North American baccarat
  • Chemin de fer or Chemmy
  • Banque or a deux tableaux

The number cards maintain their number value in points except the number 10 which is worth zero alongside Jack, Queen and King cards. Ace is worth 1 point and Jokers are pretty used in the game. Punto banco is arguably the most prominent variant of the game. The punto implies the player and the banco implies banker; these are the two hands of the baccarat game.


This is a dice game of chance where bets are made are made on the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice. A table of craps is efficiently managed by up to 4 operators in a physical casino. However, in the online game far less manpower is needed. Zero manpower is mostly needed except during live games. Random generators are used to determine the outcome of the roll of dice in form of randomly generated numbers.

Slot machine

This machine is where the spinning of slots takes place. The online mode of this machine is effective and easy to use. The online version offers more bonuses such as free spins at certain intervals.

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